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Family Integrated
Dental Clinic

We will make your smile healthy and naturally beautiful

We will maintain the longevity of your own teeth according to the MiCD concept

The essence of the approach is to do everything possible to preserve the health of your own teeth.

We have always given, give and will give the priority for this.
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We treat in an integrated manner:

From headache, neck pain, facial asymmetry and incorrect posture to phonetics and teeth aesthetics

19 170 patients
19 170 patients
19 170 patients

Have become healthier and feel themselves great



Of people come based on recommendation and their family members receive treatment as well

18 years

We have been continuing the family medical business

the Chief Physician. 21 years of experience

Sukhachov Aleksandr

Indeed, our patients receive treatment several times faster as compared to how long it usually takes.

The key is that in the 90's it was proven that the condition of the teeth and jaw affects posture, body position in space and the body as a whole

The centre of gravity is normal
Type I (Normal)
Type II
The centre of gravity is shifted forward
Type III
The centre of gravity is shifted back

After all, the body forms a single entity

We treat and eliminate the consequences of dental problems not only locally, but also in other parts of the body.

for 18 years we have been following the concept that only dozens of clinics in the world are still working on.

We know this, therefore,

Due to this fact, you get such amazing results

The result 2 months later

The pain, clicks when opening the mouth and the asymmetry of the face are eliminated.

The neurosis disappeared after acquiring a naturally-looking and beautiful smile.

Everything is just great! Aleksandr, thank you very much. They calmed me down and gave me a hope. And what is most important, they kept the promise and cured everything!

Using an integrated treatment approach

We managed to solve all the problems of this woman within 2 months – once and for all

Female, 40 years old

Headache lasting for many years. Migraine 8 attacks per month.

Problems with chewing – I constantly feel the pain and clicks.

For each patient, treatment
is an evidence-based and easily understandable process

Profound diagnostics

The Chief Physician serving as Coordinator introduces the treatment plan

Treatment based on a 10-module system

Simulation evaluation of the final result using artificial intelligence

It reveals an objective picture of the spectrum of systems and functions of the body – this is a basis for establishing an accurate diagnosis.

At this stage we agree with you the cost, duration of treatment and the end result

Module is a mini-team consisting of 1 chief specialist and 2 assistants for each stage of treatment

We combine the results of diagnostics in special programs and get your digital model


We scan the face, jaws, take photos, do CT scans of the skull. We make a full picture to establish an accurate diagnosis

Using this model, we design how your teeth, jaws, occlusion should look in the future and achieve the perfect result.

This saves time + eliminates errors

1. The main module

Modules are divided into the following areas:

Diagnostics, treatment plan, coordination and control of all modules

Doctor, Dentist, Orthopedist, Gnathologist

Sukhachov Aleksandr

2. Therapeutic

Removal of dental plaque and tooth filling
Doctor, dentist-therapist
Honcharenko Natalia
Doctor, dentist-therapist
Tertitskaia Yulia

3. Orthopedics

Everything related to prosthetics: bridges, crowns, inlays, overlays
Doctor, Dentist, Orthopedist, Gnathologist
Sukhachov Aleksandr

4. Periodontology

Prevention and treatment of gums, ligaments and tissues surrounding the tooth
Dentist-Therapist, Periodontist
Sukhachova Lyubov

5. Endodontics

Canal treatment under the microscope
Dentist-Therapist, Periodontist
Sukhachova Lyubov
Lysak Vladimir

6. Orthodontics

Correction of occlusion and tooth placement
Makarova Aleksandra

7. Implantology

Everything about implants + plastic mucosa
Surgeon - dentist, implantologist
Malykhin Ihor

8. Aesthetics

Veneers based on MiCD technology
Dentist - Orthopedist, Gnathologist
Sukhachov Aleksandr

9. Laser

Applicable to any area: teeth whitening, treatment of gum, nerve canals, etc.
Dentist - Orthopedist, Gnathologist
Sukhachov Aleksandr
Tertitskaia Yulia

10. Functional

Body alignment and solution of postural problems (posture)
Doctor, Dentist, Orthopedist, Gnathologist
Sukhachov Aleksandr

Example of a classic treatment process:

What treatment is offered at Universal Dentistry

As a result,
As a result,
As a result,
you get the

Predicted and expected result

And at any time you can see your whole way to a healthy smile

Data are kept secure
They are stored in a cloud database in one of Germany's data centres

you get the
you get the

Generated digital model at the beginning of the treatment

The final result after 3 months of treatment

Each amendment is recorded in the Cliniccards service

Shall we start in the primary consultation?

We will get preliminary understanding, get acquainted and establish contact with you :)

Duration: 10-15 minutes

4 free appointments left
This week has:

At the end you will receive a consultation sheet, describing the initial treatment plan and your situation

The Chief Physician. 21 years of experience

Sukhachov Aleksandr

Consultation carried out by

made in Italy

+ materials made in Japan make treatment fast, comfortable and ultra-precise